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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sofea's new ride ;)

Sold our Hauck Turbo Plus Stroller.. reason: susah nak fold, berat sikit (7kg) & yg plg penting, dah boring..

And replace with this chic ride:
Peg Perego Pliko Mini

Best giler ok.. ringan jer 5.7kg, sangat compact, umbrella fold, and leave so much space on my car bonnet for other stuffs.. maclaren smua pon nampak bulky kalau compare ngan stroller ni..

and most importantly, senang giler nak fold & unfold! tak cayer leh tengok video ni:

sape2 yang nak carik stroller yang best, leh consider stroller ni ^_^

ok tu je.. babai


Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet my new baby...

...Cutie Baby Closet!

a few weeks ago, two of my close frens(Reen & Ina)& I decided to start our very own part time online shop (in facebook) selling baby & kids related products eg clothes, toys, shoes & accessories..

so feel free to browse our collections & it would be great if you could LIKE our page too, that will means a lot to us :)

please click the image below to link to our page. Tq so much peeps!


Friday, March 2, 2012

whats in my bag?

1. ikea & my own pencil
2. wallet
3. weaning spoon sofea
4. jumper, socks, headband & beanie hat sofea
5. diapers
6. towel kecik
7. wet tissue
8. charger fon
9. extra pin tudung
10. makeup pouch yang dah lamaaaaaaaa sangat tak pakai tapi bawak tiap2 hari ><
11. my fon (eh not in the picture sebab amek gambar pakai fon ni)

ps . update merapu..okebai