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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

krabi holiday with lil sofea

few months ago we got the chance to bring sofea on her 1st flight. our destination is krabi, thailand. sofea was 10months+ at that time, so excited to explore her surrounding at that time bcoz she just started walking.. so it was a tiring but fun and exciting gateway for me & hubs..

we booked both our airasia ticket way before sofea was born during airasia promo so we had to go to airasia counter in lcct 2 weeks before the departure date to 'add in' lil sofea, with the cost of around RM100 if not mistaken..

for our accomodation, we booked online thru as they gave big discounts compared to other sites.. after reading the reviews, we decided to stay in aonang orchid resort for 3 days 2 nites.. the hotel location is perfect, very near to the beach, shops, halal food,  huge pool, etc.. but the hotel doesnt have lift. so we have to use the strairs everytime we went out.. hummm..


 view of the pool from our balcony

 little missy 

on the 1st day in krabi we decided to rent a scooter just to explore the area (around rm25 per day).. i 'babywear' sofea while riding the scooter, just to be careful... we found quite a few halal restaurant and stalls along the street.. and we tried the famous 'thai pancake' with different2 flavours everyday.. it is absolutely yummeh! 

img src: google

 sofea & hubs


then on the 2nd day we went island hopping in phi phi island & a few island nearby.. cost around rm100 per person, from 8.30am to 4pm, with complimentary buffet lunch in phi phi, unlimited drinks on the speedboat & they even serve fresh fruits to us!

phi phi islands is beautiful! crystal clear water, but not much corals i think.. since sofea is still small, we have to take turns to snorkel.. but we did take her along with her float in a few sites while we snorkel but there are a few sites that are not suitable for baby because of the high waves..

on the speedboat, sofea is the center of attention as she is the only baby there.. hehe.. so everyone was so kind to give us the best seats on the boat.. =D

actually it is not advisable to bring baby to island hopping, especially when it involves around 7hrs on the speedboat! but alhamdulillah sofea was not cranky at all that day.. i think she is amazed with the beauty of phi phi as well :)

 on the speedboat

 getting comfy with strangers?

 can i have some water please!

we were here in phi phi island!

 can we come here again?

did u know that phi phi island was once hit by tsunami???

 amazing view

 catching waves

 sofea 1st time playing beach sands
salt water is euww

aonang beach

room 308

on the 3rd day, we ate thai pancake again before going to the airport.. and sofea was cranky on the way back to malaysia. hehe. till we meet again, krabi!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

little sofea is 10months old!

she is not so little anymore!

1. she weighs at 8.0 kgs. takdela berat sgt kan tapi menggigil jugak kalau angkat lama2 ><

2. still fully breastfeed, alhamdulillah.. rezeki Allah s.w.t

3. dah ade 2 gigi bawah & skarang 2 gigi atas pula dah nampak sikit2!

4. copycat sangat. suke tiru ape2 kitorang buat eg. batuk, halau nyamuk bla bla bla

5. kepoci sangat jugak, just like mommy. muhahahaha

6. accident prone, asek terjatoh terhantuk dan sebagainyer T_T

7. usually she will cry when strangers look and 'hi' her. ntah ape2 ta perangai bajet orang nak culik kot..

8. dah boleh walk unassisted a few steps, but very2 lazy nowadays she prefers dukung jer T_T

9. dah taknak kat orang yang tak kenal..

10. spoil dan manje giler. how???



Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sofea's new ride ;)

Sold our Hauck Turbo Plus Stroller.. reason: susah nak fold, berat sikit (7kg) & yg plg penting, dah boring..

And replace with this chic ride:
Peg Perego Pliko Mini

Best giler ok.. ringan jer 5.7kg, sangat compact, umbrella fold, and leave so much space on my car bonnet for other stuffs.. maclaren smua pon nampak bulky kalau compare ngan stroller ni..

and most importantly, senang giler nak fold & unfold! tak cayer leh tengok video ni:

sape2 yang nak carik stroller yang best, leh consider stroller ni ^_^

ok tu je.. babai


Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet my new baby...

...Cutie Baby Closet!

a few weeks ago, two of my close frens(Reen & Ina)& I decided to start our very own part time online shop (in facebook) selling baby & kids related products eg clothes, toys, shoes & accessories..

so feel free to browse our collections & it would be great if you could LIKE our page too, that will means a lot to us :)

please click the image below to link to our page. Tq so much peeps!


Friday, March 2, 2012

whats in my bag?

1. ikea & my own pencil
2. wallet
3. weaning spoon sofea
4. jumper, socks, headband & beanie hat sofea
5. diapers
6. towel kecik
7. wet tissue
8. charger fon
9. extra pin tudung
10. makeup pouch yang dah lamaaaaaaaa sangat tak pakai tapi bawak tiap2 hari ><
11. my fon (eh not in the picture sebab amek gambar pakai fon ni)

ps . update merapu..okebai


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7 months old yawwww

sofea turns 7 months old yesterday. she is a big girl oredi. mommy is sad, but happy. sad bcoz mommy missed baby sofea soooo much, but happy bcoz mommy got to see her grow healthily and happily alhamdulillah..

at 6 months, mommy's lil girl can crawl steadily. and starts to stand up too..



ok berjaya berdiri.. senyum sket..

mission accomplished!! tarik sampai jatoh!!

ok last2 saya yang jatoh tskk T_T

also at 6 months old, sofea loves to laugh and cries less =)
see see

my fav pic at the moment

and now at 7 months old, sofea dah start nak lepas tangan & panjat tangga rumah.. nampaknyer kene beli safety gate laju laju.. *risau sangat*

syukran ya Allah...


Saturday, February 18, 2012

bawak 6months old sofea pegi USS ;)

hi all.. sbenarnyer tak plan pon nak pegi sini.. plan asalnyer ialah amek cuti, tapi tatau nak pegi mane.. pastu titibe hazim kate, oren ajak pegi USS.. wahhh dengan tak pikir pasal bajet, terus ON jer.. haha

so hari rabu (time hari wilayah) kitorang pegi renew passport + buat passport lil sofea. gambar sofea dalam passport adalah sangat fail, sebab her mommy is kelam kabut, lupa nak betulkan collar baju sofea dan luper nak pakaikan headband comey2.. umm sorry ye sofea, nanti 5 years old kite amek gambar cun cun yer ;p

lil sofea passport photo

untuk menjimatkan bajet, kitorg stay kat tune hotel kat area danga bay johor, around RM70 kot per nite.. pastu book skali tiket bas pegi balik USS.. murah gak kot.. tapi x ingat baper harga dia.. hmm.. so pagi tu bas gerak kul 10am.. ni 1st time sofea naik bas.. alhamdulillah dia behave and tido jer sepanjang jalan.. dalam kul 12 sampai la kat uss tu.. kitorang bawak both stroller n carrier.. dua2 pon pakai..

how i breastfeed lil sofea masa kat uss? senang jer tak yah nak poncho bagai..
1. pakai baju button kat depan, pastu tudung tu makesure yang leh labuh sampai ke dada :)
2. ade banyak seat kat area hujung2, so pilih seat tu
3. in case takde seat, just nyorok blakang payung/stroller ><

kat uss ade je nursing room, tapi jaoh giler (kat pintu masok).. tapi sangat comfy.. in case kalo baby meragam/buat hal, lepak je la dalam bilik tu.. siap ade toys bagai.. hehe

unfortunately lil sofea is still small & tak leh naik most of the rides there.. tapi ayah n ibu boleh naik. thanks to oren n dila sbb tolong babysit sofea time kitorg main.. nanti pegi mana2 leh tolong lagi ek ><  .. masa balik from uss, sofea a bit moody, maybe sbb dia penat kot.. tapi seb baik tak mengamok dalam bas..huhuhu

ahli rombongan with mr Frankenstein

lil sofea with uncle O and aunty dil

terasa diri pendek plak ><


with bumblebee

one happy family

madagascar :)

nak balik dah...

ps. kitorang singgal Johor Premium Outlet, tapi tak besh pon!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2nd Anniversary @ Grand Lexis PD

it was a last minute decision. room was very pricey (bcoz of christmas peak season) but since we didnt celebrate our 1st anniversary, then why not..

swimming pool
little princess and I
lil sofea sunbathing
swimming pulak

private pool yawww!
our small family
suite H143
lil sofea

pros: private pool and nice suite!
cons: expensive, buffet breakfast tak best