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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2nd Anniversary @ Grand Lexis PD

it was a last minute decision. room was very pricey (bcoz of christmas peak season) but since we didnt celebrate our 1st anniversary, then why not..

swimming pool
little princess and I
lil sofea sunbathing
swimming pulak

private pool yawww!
our small family
suite H143
lil sofea

pros: private pool and nice suite!
cons: expensive, buffet breakfast tak best



aziz said...

berbaloi ke x?

Ms AiReEn MoHd said...

beb mane u beli pelampung baby yg princess u pakai tu...sgt mencari...

sweetdrugADDICT said...

ajis - berbaloi la bagi aku sebab special occasion

ms aireen - beli kat baby expo.. kalo berminat leh try bli kat website

peace yaww!