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Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 months old!

1. Sofea 1st time jatoh katil on december 11th.. benjol sikit kat dahi kiri =(
kesian die =(

2. Sofea turns 5 months old on Dec 20th.. We decided to start give her solid food @ 5 months coz she is very very lasak and at one time her weight was decreasing.. starts with apple puree.. after she is 6 m.o. we will have more variety to her fud..

3. She is addicted to jumping. mandi pon nak jump. penat! o_O
sofea n her jumperoo

4. Now she is learning to crawl and sit. not expert yet, but catching up really fast!
macam juon hahaha

5. Our little family went to celebrate our second wedding anniversary at pd.. we splurge a little and got ourselves a suite with private pool. and sofea excited sangat main2 air and swim (as expected) :p
sofea sunbathing

♥our small little family♥

i am grateful for all these. syukran ya Allah...

ps. happy new year!