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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

weaning off

For the past 3 months I have tried to wean off sofea from breastfeeding, which starts when sofea is 1 year and 10 months. I know most mommies out there would say, why not wait until 2 years? 

well i have my own reasons:
1- sofea rejects bottle/sippy, whether I am around her or when I am not around her, whether it is my milk or other type of milk. so I feel that I need to teach her to drink my ebm or any other milk from bottle/sippy, so that when in case of emergency, she still can depends on other type of milk

2- that time I planned to send her to half day playschool, but it is kinda hard if she doesn't want to drink milk at school, and she was also a picky eater so that worries me much. 

so I guess weaning off slowly is the only way to get her to learn to drink milk... but fussy sofea still cries for my milk whenever I am around her -_-"

during the wean off period, I tried several 'methods' suggested by other mommies, e.g - plaster, minyak cap kapak, colgate, coffee, conteng, mimijumi bottle, all sorts of bottle, cute sippy cups.. but sadly these kind of 'methods' only work for a few hours.. some doesn't work at all.. and the next thing I know sofea will be crying and screaming very loudly especially at 2 A.M asking for 'nenen' -_-"

so, how do I get her to completely wean off? well since I had an emergency surgery last week and had to be warded, so I figured that it was a good time to wean her off completely. As I returned home from hospital, she still asked for 'nenen' during naptime, but I told her that I am in pain.. and alhamdulillah she understands and continue to sleep without her milk =)

and last night, I made formula milk inside her mimijumi bottle and she drank around 1 oz and dozed off straight until this morning!! finally at 2 years 1 month, sofea is completely weaned off my milk, alhamdulillah ^_^

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ectopic Pregnancy

Last Thursday i was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy. I was having a diarrhea and bad stomach cramp earlier in the morning and went to the clinic to get some medications and MC. But then when the doctor scanned my tummy (ultrasound) she found out that there is no baby inside my uterus, but it was somewhere outside the uterus.

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when an embryo implants somewhere other than the uterus, such as in one of the fallopian tubes.

Suddenly the doctor sort of panicked and called an ambulance, and i was taken to the nearest hospital emergency department. Later in the evening i was pushed to the operation theater, drugged by the anesthetic and the surgeon performed 'laparoscopy' to remove the embryo from the tube. It all happens so quickly but i am thankful that my husband is there when i need him the most :")

When I was in the OT, all i could do was recite Doa Nabi Yunus & selawat and kept repeating until i fell dozed off. I did not felt anything during the whole surgery process, which is good because if i did feel anything, i think it would scare the heck out of me! The surgery took around 3 hours and when i woke up, i was still very sleepy and continue to sleep.

I am quite sad that i loss my 7 weeks baby, but things always happens for a reason. Today is 5 days post surgery and i am still recovering. Praying for a speedy recovery!


Like a rainbow after the rain, there's always a good thing after the pain InsyaAllah.

khaireen sofea turns 2

My lil munchkin turns 2 on 20th July 2013. alhamdulillah we had a small iftar gathering with our family at my nenek's house. menu is my mom's mee kari & satay. i ordered a yummeh Minnie Mouse buttercream chocolate cake from Anies Bake House and sofea loves it!

sofea is excited!

family photo with my minnie

Her pink minnie bow was bought from a trip to I-City a few months ago and maybe around RM5 only, just telling this because several fren asked where did i get the bow from :p

My munckin is a toddler now! how time flies.. Hope u enjoyed your birthday dear!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kota Kinabalu Trip with frens and Little Ones ^_^ - DAY2

Hari ke 2 kat KK, kitorang gi Kinabalu Park & Hotspring.. Perjalanan ke Kinabalu Park amek masa around 2 jam naik van.. Kat Kinabalu Park ni sejuk la jugak macam kat Cameron Highland.. Tapi time kitorang pegi tu hujan.. Lagi la sejuk jadinyer.. Best2.. banyak aktiviti leh buat kat sini tapi mostly tak sesuai utk kitorg yg bawak anak2 ni.. kitorang takat jalan2 sikit jer.. pastu biler ujan trus lari masok van.. huhu

malam tu kitorang dinner kat pasa filipin tu lagi tapi try kedai lain pulak..malangnyer dapat ketam x fresh.. huhu.. seb baik lauk lain smua ok.. tapi hampa jugak la kan sebab mase hari 1st tu dapat ketam fresh giler..
ok jom layan gamba..

View from our balcony


family photo

danish baru 4 months mase ni

mase ni dah start penat jalan

beratur mengikut size ke ni? muhaha perasan paling kecik

amek gamba kat depan pintu masok je ni.. tapi tak masok pon sebab tak larat nak jalan dah  -_-"

hunting for seafood again for dinner

muka tak larat dah.. penat giler!

ketam ni nampak je sedap tapi tak fresh! euwwwwww


gudnite peeps!

wait for day 3!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kota Kinabalu Trip with frens and Little Ones ^_^ - DAY1

Date: 17th Jan 2013 - 20th Jan 2013

Entry ni patotnyer dah lamaaaa dah post tapi sebab malas, sekarang baru nak post... 

Last year kitorang dapat beli tiket murah airasia.. Around RM450 jer utk 2 adults + 1 infant.. So lepas tunggu setahun baru dapat jejakkan kaki kat KK..Ahli rombongan ade 8 orang adults + 4 infants (4 family).. Patotnyer ade 5 family tapi Maya & Ajis tak dapat ikot sebab Maya pregnen time tu kann.. hihi next time insyaallah..

Apartment kitorang book thru Agoda, dalam RM400++ kot per nite.. Nama dia Marina Court Penthouse.. Apartment ni kat level atas skali.. nama pon penthouse kann... dia 2 tingkat.. 3 bilik kat atas, 1 bilik kat bawah..toilet plak 2 atas, 1 bawah.. living room n kitchen besa giler.. leh main lari2 la budak2 ni.. Penthouse ni pon mmg dekat sgt ngn  KK town area.. leh jalan kaki je gi pasar2 dia tapi sbb kitorang ade anak kecik, kitorang naik van jer.. Van plak kitorang sewa yang ade 13 seater kot.. muat sangat dan selesa la jugakk..

Jom layan gambar day 1..

early morning flight - nice view of the sunrise, but we were very very sleepy!

family 1 - as, ina plus baby in tummy & lil Q

family 2 - us!

family 3 - fakhri, reen & lil iris

Lyter, Azie n Danish nyer flight lambat sket.. Pagi tu kitorang  sampai awal so xleh nak cek in lg.. so gi bekpes mcd dlu & layan budak2 kecik ni main..

view of the pool from our room 

lil sofea was having a mild fever so cranky sket

then we went out for the glorious food!!!!!!

pilih pilihhh


family 4 - lyter, azie & danish

salah focus la pulak

ipad time before bedtime

ok tu jer.. next day 2 pulak..